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Give your Pride and Joy the Ultimate Destination it Deserves

March 23rd, 2011 by admin

You have a classic that’s your pride and joy. You have taken care of it for years; poured money into it, kept up with the maintenance; but despite your best efforts, one day every car will give up the ghost. The average life of a car is 13.5 years, and even though classic cars may far exceed that timeline, the day will come where you need to move on. But where are you going to go to dispose of it?

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Illegal scrapping is a large problem in the UK. Of the two million cars that are declared off the road every year, only one million of them are processed through Authorised Treatment Facilities and issued with a Certificate of Destruction. If a car is scrapped illegally, it is stripped of valuable parts then abandoned. Tyres pile up on the side of the road or in dodgy scrapyards. Oil and brake fluid are poured down the drain, causing immeasurable damage to our soil and our water system. Even more shockingly, some of these cars are unlawfully and unsafely put back on the road; leaving you as the unsuspecting owner likely to be liable for speeding tickets for a car you thought was long deceased.

So, how can you scrap your car safely? Giveacar is working to combat this problem as well as raise money for charity. They provide a safe, easy and ethical service that facilitates the collection of scrap cars. Then, depending on the age and condition of the car, it is either scrapped or sent to a car salvage auction. If it is scrapped then at least 85% of the car by bodyweight is recycled. A small administration fee is taken from the proceeds, then the rest is donated to the charity of the owner’s choice.

Giveacar has over 300 affiliated charities, from smaller ones such as Pathfinder Dogs to massive ones such as Marie Curie Cancer Care. Since January 2010, they have raised over £250,000 collectively for charity.

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One Response to “Give your Pride and Joy the Ultimate Destination it Deserves”

  1. It’s a shame to see abandoned cars! But you can always resale for parts later on or find a collector. Our fave option is to donate to charity too, though, so thanks for posting that as information to someone who may not have thought of that before. Also check the internet for forums relating to your specific make/model; there may be someone looking for the car you want to get rid of!