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Repairing Classic Car Upholstery

December 3rd, 2013 by admin

Classic car enthusiasts know that owning one of these special vehicles can be exciting. The rewards are numerous but there are important details that always need to be addressed. Many new owners do not realize that its upholstery may need to be repaired or replaced. Research and planning ahead ensure that the right selections are made when considering this important issue.

Initial Considerations

There are two ways to go about repairing or replacing upholstery. Professional auto upholstery shops offer various services in a variety of price ranges. Do it yourself options may save money but could create damage that will be costlier later. The choice will depend on the extent of the damage as well as your own skill level and how much time you want to devote to this project.

Start by looking over the type of upholstery currently installed in the vehicle. You can see what types of fabrics were used in original models as a guide for replacement. Go over pictures of the car when it was first produced as well as any articles from the time for the most comprehensive details.

Do It Yourself Repairs And Reupholstering

For do it yourself enthusiasts, repair kits can be found at auto supply stores and fabric shops. These kits can repair a number of different problems such as rips and tears. They can also be matched to any colour or grain. Many kits include the full compliment of items needed to do the repair in a few simple steps.

If full reupholstering is the only option, a do it yourself installation can be difficult alone. Start by checking the frame to ensure that the body is in good condition. A re-weld may be necessary if any parts are broken off. Be sure to take care of any rust that may also be on the frame. Once clean, coat it with a rust preventative before painting. Before removing any items, take full photos of the vehicle for reference. This will prevent any items from being incorrectly replaced or reset during installation.

Foam padding can be found at many locations, including fabric shops. This ready-to-use item will fit most car seats. You can also purchase foam selection that requires users to create shapes that will accommodate seating areas. If you decide to use this method, seating should be modelled after the current selection.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job. Necessary implements often include scissors, hog clip pliers, utility knives and hog clips. Work from centre outwards towards the sides while anchoring with the hog clips. This will ensure a smooth finish. Batting is added next. It is used to fill the bolsters and held in place with foam or fabric glue. This will keep the seat free of lumps as well as any wrinkling that may occur.

Professional Upholsterers

Professionals auto upholsterers can be an expensive option for repairs. Their experience and work with other vehicles will dictate a large portion of the price. Their services range from reupholstering the entire car to dealing with small selections. Look for those professionals with a good reputation among car owners.

Upholstery should always be properly maintained in classic vehicles. Owners understand the unique look that defined their car at the time it was produced. Many classic car enthusiasts check we buy junk cars as they look for information on their distinctive makes and models.

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